Testimonial 3

Testimonial 3

Last summer I had the misfortune of finding out carpenter ants had invaded the front of my home. This discovery came from a painter doing painting work. Not knowing which way to turn my painter called Mike Jones to my rescue. The same day Mike was at my house surveying the damage. He guided me in what direction I needed to take. The next day Mike and his crew were at my home and the process began. They were always on time and were the neatest people that had ever worked in my home. Each evening when they left the house was clean and picked up. Mike arranged the crews and everything fell into place from the window installers, to the stucco crew, the exterminator who needed to treat all of the new construction. Within a week my home was back to normal. No one would never had known a week earlier the walls in my dining room were to the studs. Mike and his crew, Mike and Jacob were so trustworthy I would just leave a key for them when not at home. They are wonderful!!!

Since that work they have done additional work for me and I am not finished with them yet. I continue to have them for future projects.

On a final note, I live alone and during storm weather, the winter freeze and the marathon rains that have consumed us, Mike Jones will always call and check on me to be sure I am ok. He reassures me to call anytime day or night if there is a problem. I feel that God sent me my own Guardian Angel to protect my home.

Thanks Mike, Mike and Jacob!!!!

P. Thomas