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7 Timeless Bathroom Renovation Trends

Bathroom renovations should be all about you — your preferences, your taste, and your style. But what if you’re not sure what look you want, or where you want to begin?

Thankfully, there’s no harm in leaning on classic renovation styles to bring your vision to life.

If you’re ready to complete your bathroom renovation but don’t want to fall too far out of bounds from standard conventions, these seven timeless bathroom renovation trends may be just what you’re looking for.

Let’s dive in.

7 Timeless Ideas For A Bathroom Renovation Mandeville LA Homeowners Love

Ready to finalize the last few pieces of your bathroom renovation puzzle?

Embrace tradition without eschewing your style with these seven timeless bathroom renovation ideas for Mandeville LA homeowners.

1. White Cabinets

Nothing says ‘bathroom’ more than a crisp, white vanity! Just applying a layer of paint could work wonders in a darker or smaller bathroom space. Don’t want to use paint during your bathroom renovation? Try custom ordering some brand new facades instead.

2. Subway Tiles

Not only are subway tiles easy to clean, but they’re one of the most popular bathroom renovations of all time. Opt for a classic running bond for the most timeless look, or use a vertical running bond to create an upscale appearance.

3. Seaside Colors

Bathrooms and beach colors go hand in hand in Mandeville. Think about painting your space in salty blues, warming yellows, and pale, sandy tans. Just don’t forget the accent wall!

4. Wood Shelving

If you want to install some open storage in your bathroom, wood shelving should be your go-to first choice. Wood is lightweight, sustainable, and can fit almost any color scheme.

5. White Appliances

Do you live in a home with a bright pink toilet or shockingly blue sink? Modern convention would say upgrade to white appliances ASAP — or face dropping home value in the meantime.

6. Step-In Showers

The step-in shower has become a timeless feature in the modern southern bathroom. Not only do these support greater accessibility, but they reduce fall hazards and offer plenty of customization options.

7. Stone Countertops

Quartz, marble, and granite are some of the most popular countertop materials in Louisiana bathrooms. For a classically inspired yet tasteful approach, go for subtle whites or neutrally flecked hues.

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