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Questions to Ask Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom may be high on your home improvement checklist, but it can also be tricky. Small spaces, outdated fixtures, and lack of mobility all play a factor when deciding to renovate your bathroom. Before you decide to jump in, ask yourself these key questions to see what bathroom renovations are right for you. Ready to get started? Call your renovation experts at Northshore Renovations and Contracting in Madisonville LA at 985-845-3640!

How much space and storage do I need?

Compared to other rooms in your home, your bathroom is probably the one with the least amount of square footage. However, plenty of essentials need to fit into that small space, including a shower or tub, toilet, sinks, mirrors, and room for items like toothpaste and makeup. Before starting your bathroom renovation, look at your current space to see what needs improvement. Think outside of the box when updating your storage as well. Towel hooks, bins, vanities, and storage shelves can all help you get the storage space you desire—without knocking out any walls.

How can I make sure my bathroom is safe?

When you deal with a space that regularly involves water and humidity, safety needs to be top of mind. If installing new flooring, make sure you pick a slip-resistant ceramic tile that can hold up to wet bare feet.

The humidity caused by hot showers can leave your bathroom open for mold and mildew growth. Make sure your ventilation fan is installed correctly and updated to help the space dry out.

What features are most important?

You probably have lots of ideas of what your dream bathroom looks like. However, budget and space constraints may alter your dream plans. Before you start your bathroom renovation, make a list of the features that mean the most to you. Do you want a bigger shower? More storage? Updated appliances? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you stay focused on your goal during the renovation process.

Should I get a shower, tub, or seat?

Shower and tub installations are the part of your bathroom renovation that will take up the most space. This means your bathroom renovation design will most likely hinge on your choice of a bathroom shower or tub. The answer to this question depends on personal preference, but if you have multiple bathrooms in your home, it’s probably best to go with one of each. This will give you the ultimate flexibility for whatever your long-term needs may be. Having at least one walk-in shower in your home will prepare you for the future, prevent slips and falls, and open up the opportunity to add a shower bench later. On the other hand, a bathtub is great if you have small children at home and enjoy the occasional relaxing bubble bath.

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