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Northshore Renovations, Madisonville, La. Early Warning Signs of Termite Damage; image of corner of house with rot and damage due to termites

Early Warning Signs of Termite Damage

Northshore Renovations, Madisonville, La. Early Warning Signs of Termite Damage; image of corner of house with rot and damage due to termites

The thought of termites can strike fear into the heart of any homeowner. These damaging insects remain mostly invisible but can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Knowing the early warning signs of termite damage can help catch the infestation early and prevent further damage. What are the warning signs that termites may be infecting your home? Read our list to learn how to spot these pests.

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1. You find tiny, white, ant-like insects in your home

It’s no wonder that seeing a termite is a sign that they may be causing damage to your home. Termites look a lot like ants but are white. If you see one, there’s bound to be many more lurking within your home’s walls.

2. Strange sounds from inside your walls

While you may not see termites, you hear them as they create tunnels within the walls of your home. Tunneling termites will sound like paper rustling. If the termite colony is disturbed, like when you knock on wood where a settlement is lurking, the insects may react by creating a rattling sound.

3. Wood damage

Another clear warning sign that termites may be invading your home is to find unexplained wood damage. Subterranean termites eat and tunnel through wood from the inside out, so the termites may have been living in your home for months before you see physical damage. Physical damage may include sagging ceilings or walls, squeaky floorboards, or loose tiles. Some homeowners mistake these signs for water damage, but termites may be the true culprit.

4. Warped wood

Are there any windows or doors in your home that are suddenly difficult to open? Warped wood caused by the moisture from termites digging their tunnels may be the cause.

5. Termite waste

During termite mating season, termites will create “swarms” that leave behind piles of shed wings and droppings in and around your home, especially around lighting fixtures, windows, and doors. Termite wings look like tiny fish scales. If you see signs of a termite swarm, it’s time to call in a professional immediately.

6. Mud tunnels

Subterranean termites, a common species in Louisiana, are known for burrowing tunnels made out of their waste, saliva, and mud. These tunnels help protect the termite colony from predators. These tunnels are commonly found around plumbing, piping, and on exposed surfaces such as tile floors and patios.

How do you repair termite damage?

If you see any of the above signs in your home, it’s time to call in a professional to help remove the termites and repair the damage. Many local pest control companies will help remove the termites. Renovation companies, like our expert team at Northshore Renovations in Madisonville LA will help repair the damage caused by the termites and leave your home like it never happened. Call us today at (985) 845-3640 to help restore your home after termite damage.


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  1. I never knew that termites are pests that feast on wood and cause damage to your property. My aunt noticed a couple of insects running around her wooden table and furniture lately. I believe this should convince he to contact a pest control expert for threat elimination before they worsen.

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