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10 Ways To Tell If You Need Termite Repair For Your Home in St. Tammany Parish with Northshore Renovations closeup image of formosan termites on wood

10 Ways To Tell If You Need Termite Repair For Your Home In St. Tammany Parish

Homeowners all over Madisonville, LA, agree that aggressive pest activity is one of the most problematic issues in the area. Surrounded by nuisance creatures like rodents, roaches, and mosquitoes, it can be challenging to manage all factors of pest infestation around your home.

The worst of these infesting bugs are termites, one of Madisonville’s most notorious wood-eating insects. The most common species in St. Tammany Parishcausing the need for termite repair, is the Formosan termite, a half-inch creature that packs a serious punch to the wood in your home. Formosan termites share the following characteristics:

  • Yellowish cream in color
  • 1/2 an inch in size
  • Oblong with orange-colored heads

Termites create household damage by eating through wooden items, structural supports, and the walls and ceilings of the home. Due to their unique anatomy, they do not require sleep, rest, or even breaks, allowing them to consume wood 24/7.

Concerned that Formosan termites could be causing problems around your property? Let the team at Northshore Renovations and Contracting offer ten helpful ways to tell if you need termite repair in your Madisonville, LA home.

Best Ways To Identify Factors For Termite Repair In St. Tammany Parish

The following ten tips help homeowners determine whether or not they need termite repair services.

1. Mud Tunnels

Long-term termite infestations may have apparent signs of infiltration, including mud tunnels. These hollow dirt tubes can be found running up and down the walls and ceilings of your home and appear in a branchlike pattern.

2. Clicking Sounds

Large groups of termites give off tapping, clicking, or gnawing sounds while chewing through wood. Although you may not hear them during the bustle of the day, you may listen to their sounds during the evening or at night (right before bed).

3. Termite Swarmers

Also called alates, these sexually mature termites can be found flying around doors, windows, and other entry points.

4. Exoskeletons

The exoskeletons left behind by termites usually consist of wings, heads, and mandibles.

5. Frass Piles

Termite damage is often accompanied by fine sawdust piles, also known as frass.

6. Wall Holes

Formosan termites create holes in your wall that are roughly 1/4 an inch in size.

7. Hollow Wood

Infested wood may give off a hollow sound when tapped.

8. Tight-Fitting Doors & Windows

As termites hollow out door and window frames, opening and closing entry points will become more difficult.

9. ‘Water’ Damage Markings

The destruction caused by Formosan termites may look like water damage. 

10. Sagging Walls

A loss of structure may cause your walls to buckle or sag.

If any of the above signs are present in your home, you may require some immediate Formosan termite repair. Start by calling a St. Tammany Parish pest control company to manage and exterminate the insect. Next, contact the crew at Northshore Renovations and Contracting to start work on quality termite repair right away. Call today at (985) 845-3640, or email us at to request a quote.

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