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Bathroom Renovations That Make Small Spaces Feel Big In Madisonville, LA

From magazines to HGTV, large and luxurious bathroom renovations are all the rage. Who wouldn’t love hopping into a 20 square foot shower or using remodeled cabinetry along sparkling granite surfaces?

It would seem that most can only dream of such large bathroom spaces. With limited time, space, and money, how can homeowners maximize their bathroom renovations to generate spacious feeling restrooms? The answers may be more straightforward than you think.

5 Ways To Maximize Space In Your Bathroom Renovations Design

You may not have the biggest of bathrooms at your disposal, but there are some ways of maximizing a smaller restroom without breaking the bank (or your sanity). Check out this list for five of the best space-lending renovations in smaller bathroom spaces in Madisonville, LA.

1. Brighten Up The Paint Colors

Grays and whites and blues, oh my! Bright pastels improve the illusion of space in smaller bathrooms. Have fun with it!

2. Consider Glass Shower Doors

Curtains certainly have their place in the bathroom world, but smaller spaces shine with an added glass door. Not only does this renovation allow for additional light flow, but it comes with a reasonable price tag as well.

3. Upgrade Your Cabinets

Your bathroom’s current cabinet situation may not be doing the space any favors. Redoing the area with brightly colored wood, spacious interior storage, and over-the-sink organization could open up more of your floor space.

4. Add Shower Shelves, Niches, & Levels

If your current shower space is making you feel claustrophobic, consider upgrading the space’s interior entirely. Shower nooks provide places to hide soap bars, luffas, and other hygiene products, while also reducing some clutter around the bathroom. Smaller ledges could be used for multipurpose storage, while your renovationist can install levels on the corners of your shower for sharp, modern, practical purposes. Best of all? These additions allow you to add all-new layers of tile and backsplash. Form and function: what’s not to love?

5. Consider New Accessories

Sometimes the best remodel decision for a tiny bathroom space is to rethink the format of its appliances. Maybe removing your old Jacuzzi would provide additional space for drawers or cabinets. Perhaps your more worn-out bathtub could be replaced with a space-efficient step-in shower. Whatever your decisions, be sure to balance your design goals with the limited space of your bathroom. Remember: your needs are number one!

Let Northshore Renovations and Contracting In Madisonville, LA Oversee Your Next Bathroom Renovation

After more than four decades in the industry, Northshore Renovations and Contracting have never backed down from a bathroom remodeling challenge. From design to completion, whether large or small, Northshore Renovations and Contracting can do it all!

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