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8 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Bathroom

There are small bathrooms, and then there’s your bathroom — a space that seems almost impossible to expand without knocking down a wall or building an addition. As much as you’d love just a little more room, you don’t want the hassle of a huge or messy construction project.

We’re here to say that you don’t need one!

It’s possible to maximize space in bathroom areas by completing a bathroom renovation. You can open your environment with a few simple touches, and all without removing a single piece of drywall.

Here are eight ways to expand the boundaries of your bathroom in Southwest Louisiana.

Maximize Space In Bathroom Spaces With These 8 Ideas

What’s the easiest way to add more space to your bathroom?

Let’s start with the best and trendiest answer:

1. Expand Your Vanity

Many smaller bathrooms come with standing sinks or awkward vanities that don’t quite reach from wall to wall. Rather than dealing with tiny unusable spaces, you can expand your surface space to eliminate the gaps. The extra counter space also allows you to show off prettier toiletries without finding room in a cabinet or drawer.

2. Go Vertical, Not Horizontal

Speaking of cabinets and drawers, you may want to create storage up your wall rather than across it. Go all the way up to the ceiling if you can. No sense in leaving any wasted space!

3. Fill The Gaps With Shelving

If you have unusable gaps around your bathroom space, consider turning them into floating storage instead. You can even add accessory baskets for an open storage look without the embarrassment.

4. Update Your Mirror

Why settle for a ‘unitasking’ mirror in your bathroom when you could have a multifunctional one instead? Mirrors that double as medicine cabinets are perfect for holding hair ties and other small trinkets. If you want something a little more upscale, you can always opt for double doors or a matching pair. You can store as much as you want inside your medicine cabinet without letting visitors know how much is hidden away.

5. Try Built-Ins Instead

If you don’t mind cutting into a little bit of drywall, you can pay for a professional to install built-in cabinets and shelves.

Recessed shelving in your wall or shower can help you store more items without overhauling your room.

Recessed cabinets can help you squirrel away items without impinging on limited space.

If you’re not a big fan of open wall storage, try hidden drawers instead. These built-ins provide all the benefits of extra storage while guests remain none the wiser.

6. Add A Ladder

Consider leaning a wooden ladder against the wall to hold towels, clothes, and other accessories. Sanding and staining the ladder offers unlimited customization possibilities, not to mention a budget-friendly alternative to more expensive storage solutions.

7. Use Baskets And Dividers

You can instantly expand the size of your bathroom with help from baskets and dividers. Not only can these create ‘white space’ around cabinets and drawers, but they make it easy to find what you need without scrambling to locate your stuff.

8. Refresh Your ‘Under Sink’ Space

The dreaded under sink space could be stealing more space than you realize. Consider adding more dividers, gluing burlap to panel boards, and creating a beautiful yet usable space for your out-of-sight bathroom necessities.

Get The Bathroom Renovation Mandeville LA Homeowners Deserve

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