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3 Low-Cost Ways To Make Your Madisonville LA Home Handicap Accessible with Northshore Renovations image of shower/bath tub with hand rails

3 Low-Cost Ways To Make Your Madisonville LA Home Handicap Accessible

Dealing with a disability can be very difficult while living in a home that is not customized to your needs. Old rooms and spaces that used to be completely functional are now frustrating or limiting to use, and require a host of additional considerations. Worse of all, it can keep you from feeling safe while navigating various rooms and areas of the house.

Making a home handicap accessible can be challenging for many people in Madisonville LA. Not only can it be expensive, but it can also be overwhelming for first-time renovators. However, there are some simple, quick, and low-cost upgrades you can make on your home that will enhance its functionality without breaking the bank. Here are 3 low cost methods of making your Madisonville LA home more handicap accessible.

Widen Your Doorways

Whether or not your doorways feel ‘thin,’ expanding entry points can be extremely helpful for long-term usability. Larger doors allow for increased mobility and greater freedom inside the home, without the fear of bumps or tight squeezes. Best of all, they are far from the most expensive upgrade you could make on your Madisonville LA home.

Customized Bathrooms

A handicap accessible bathroom is an incredibly useful and surprisingly low cost renovation in the home. In fact, accessible bathrooms in St. Tammany Parish can be both beautiful and functional.

Grab rails, accessible showers, and wider entrances allow you to live a comfortable life without fear. Lowered cabinets give you greater access to your frequently used items, as well as necessary supplies.

You may also want to upgrade some appliances in your St. Tammany Parish bathrooms. Remove stairs or step-ups from unnecessary places to better protect yourself against injuries in the future. This may mean replacing your bathtub with a step-in shower, as well as installing some utilities like higher toilets.

Redo Your Flooring

Stairs are some of the leading causes of falls and other serious injuries. This may be a reason to consider replacing any dangerous flooring in your St. Tammany Parish home. Rugs, carpets, tiles, and concrete may be difficult to navigate in wheelchairs, walkers, or canes. Consider replacing floors with low cost laminate or wood that reduces fall hazards. Ceramic tile may also be a good option.

The best part about replacing the floor in your St. Tammany Parish home is the low-cost. Not only is it extremely inexpensive to do, but it has the opportunity to save you from many falls or other close calls in the future. 

Northshore Renovations and Contracting Gets The Job Done Right

No matter what kind of handicap friendly renovations you need, Northshore Renovations has the right team for the job. For over 30 years, Northshore Renovations has specialized in creating accessible homes for clients in Madisonville LA, no matter their unique needs or concerns.

For a free quote and an initial consultation, please contact Northshore Renovations and Contracting in St. Tammany Parish at (985) 845-3640. Let’s make something uniquely yours together.

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